Saturday, March 3, 2012

My Journey to Indie Author

I’ve been asked how Prime of Life came about, so here’s the story.
Way back in college I wrote a novel and thought it was brilliant. Turns out it was terrible. Really, really terrible.
In medical school I wrote another, this time a YA novel called The Incredible Adventure of Thomas Fate. It was passable. I sent samples off to Literary Agents and actually landed one, but all the acquisition editors passed it by. I’m working on a re-write of this one and think it might still see the light of day. (see the Thomas Fate link to the right for more on this)

In residency I wrote my third novel, The Blinding. My agent passed it along to several editors and it got some serious attention, but no contract.

Near the end of my residency I completed Prime of Life (it was titled Too Late at that time). The publishing houses were more excited about this one. It even made it to the final committee at a few houses, but the marketing people passed on it.

Five years went by.

In the meantime the Kindle was born. Suddenly it became possible for independent authors to put their work out there for people to discover, download, and hopefully enjoy. This phenomenon is a wonderful thing. Anybody can publish an e-book and it doesn’t cost a dime. If it is any good, it will sell. If it stinks, it will fade away and settle among the other 1.2 million titles available in the Kindle store, perhaps to be forgotten forever—or maybe to be re-discovered at some later date.

So I took a deep breath and put Prime of Life out there.

So far thousands you have chosen to download it. For me this is huge. And if you found your way to this blog, that means you probably read it. Thanks for doing that. I really appreciate it. Maybe you loved it, maybe you thought it wasn’t very good, but the point is, somebody is reading it. All my hard work is no longer sitting on a shelf collecting dust.

And that’s the beauty of Indie Publishing.

So if you actually enjoyed my book, please visit amazon and leave a friendly review. You can also link it through your facebook page or twitter account to spread the word.

Thanks for the support!

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